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Self Balancing e-Unicycle,Single Wheel EV, Magic Wheel E3


Electric Unicycle, Magic Wheel, Single Wheel EV E3:

This is a kind of electric drive, self-balance capacity of single wheel electric vehicle. Low carbon, environmental protection, fashion model vehicle.

Parts include: Vehicle + Hand belt + Practice Wheel + Charger

Color: Black, White


  • Fashion small, convenient operation, easy to carry
  • Zero discharge, small energy consumption, low noise
  • Easy carry, not easy to be stolen
  • You can take it into a store, hotel, supermarket, office, theater, classroom, elevator, bus, subway, car trunk




Top Speed 16Km/h
Full Electric Maximum Mileague


Maximum Climbing Angle 15°
Battery 132Wh (60V 2.2AH) Lithium Battery
Operation Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C
Waterproof & Dust proof Level IP65
Charger Input Voltage AC110V~220V 2A
Dimension 450 x 160 x 395 mm
Distance from pedal to ground (No load) 112 mm
Tire Size Ф360 mm
New Weight 9.8Kgs
Maximum Load 120Kgs

Some technical details:

1. Alarm System: Console is in the constant detection state during driving, once find any fault, ligh will become red, and remind drivers to get off and shutdown

2. Maximum Mileague:  According to different drivers' weight, road conditions and driver style, mileague is also different

3. Maximum Climbing Angle: According to different drivers' weight and speed, angle is also different

4. Maximum Load: This weight include everything on it (vehicle,driver and so on)

Parts Indication:


1) Cover

2) Polyethylene

3) Power switch

4) Indicate light

5) Charger jack

6) Pedal

7) pedal fixed magnetic block

8) Install hole

9) Fixed screw

Instruction for Use:

Frstly the Riders shall put their feet on each side foldable pedal of the wheel, and then gently incline forward means drive forward, lean back body means stop, lean left or right means turn to left or right. The more you lean, the faster is the speed. The inside gyroscopes will ensute it keep good balance.

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